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Welcome to DB Executive Travel & Wedding Cars. Our founder is Dave Barnes and during his previous employments specifically over the previous 25 years prior to 2017, he had the opportunity to travel to many countries, using corporate travel companies to take him to airports and hotels. This means that he has been in the back seat and have experience being a chauffeur driven passenger not only in this country, but also across Europe and the US.

In addition for work, Dave used to drive long distances to many places across Britain including Yorkshire, Norfolk, Surrey and Manchester to name just a few. Even when he was growing up, his father used to take passengers on long journeys, so Dave Has been used to this mentality all his life.

Our Jaguar XFS is a licensed private hire vehicle 

The above experiences mean that we have both a good understanding of what is expected and needed when being a passenger often following a very long and tiring flight, as well as being very used to driving on busy British roads. Dave have been a full member of IAM Roadsmart since 2013, qualified as IAM Roadsmart Master in November 2017, and has the necessary licenses to enable us to provide chauffeur driven luxury travel in our 'top of the range' Jaguar XFS Portfolio for airport and seaport transfers, theatre and restaurants, the races (horses and cars), hospitality, personal or corporate events, proms and special occasions.   

We at DB Executive Travel & Wedding Cars have the understanding,  personality and Jaguar to make sure your journey is relaxed, stress free, comfortable, on time and enjoyable! We hope you will consider us for your executive travel. Thank you 

Our Wiltshire Council Private Hire Vehicle Operators License number is 2121/WK/201706336

Call us to see how we can assist your travel arrangements on 07850 100859.

 Our Jaguar XFS Portfolio

Our Jaguar XFS Portfolio

Over the years travelling in the back of chauffeur driven cars experiencing appalling service, it propelled me to offer first class executive chauffeur service to all my clients.
CEOs, directors and board members now have more of their valuable time available by using our executive travel services giving them peace of mind, privacy and quietness whilst travelling, enabling them to continue working or relax in preparation for the next meeting.
If time is important to you, you can be chauffeur driven to airports, multiple meetings or events, capitalising on the time made available to you enabling you to work in a peaceful environment or rest. 
We also provide you with trips to theatre, shows, dinner, weddings or sports events

Call us to see how we can assist your travel arrangements on 07850 100859


  • Driven safely so you can use time wisely
  • Taken to your venue with any ‘stops’ you require en route
  • Safe to make and receive calls in privacy and quietness
  • Rest or sleep on the journey
  • Efficiently driven without you being concerned about the route

It’s easy to get us on board on your business:

  • Travel costs are set
  • Times agreed
  • SMS confirmation 2 days before journey
  • 15 minutes prior to pick up at the agreed pick up point
  • Car environment set for comfortable working or resting
  • Payment by any major debit/credit card on day before exiting the car

Extras provided for you:

  • Confirmation by SMS to next of kin to confirm the plane is landed
  • SMS you to confirm I am in Arrivals and will be there for you, offering a hot or cold drink on your arrival
  • In car services include bottled mineral water, snacks, mints, tissues, quality magazines, daily newspaper and USB points
  • Conversation engaged only when you initiate

We work with hotels, corporates, event organisers & PAs taking some of Britain’s brightest and best professionals to key appointments. Sometimes we can respond with less than 24 hours notice. 

Call us to see how we can assist your travel arrangements on 07850 100859.

IAM Roadsmart Masters