Pink Moon

Being asked to meet people at airports or collect them for the airport, means that I need to be on the road at all times of day and night.

One of the rewards of getting up in the early hours of the morning is that on clear nights, it is a joy to look up and admire the night sky. This week, was one such occasion, when as I travelling East on the M4 I was facing the most beautiful pink moon as it was rising above the horizon. 

Pink Moon

The moon looked so much larger than normal and I felt so privileged to be able to witness such an amazing sight. 

Our heavens do look majestic on these cold dark nights. Unfortunately, as I was driving on the motorway I was not able to even stop to take a photograph which for sure would not have done the moon any justice.

Once I came off the motorway and needed to navigate through country roads to a location near my ‘pick-up’ to prepare the car, I was then presented with a ghostly barn owl as it flew across the road. 

Night time driving is so rewarding especially when it is dry and we have those wonderfully clear nights.

On other occasions, I have seen opportunist foxes as they go on the search for food for their young.

When I park up near my clients place and start to wax the car again in preparation, I often wonder what people think when they notice this strange sight of a bloke in a suit with a coat on, waxing a car at ‘stupid o’clock’ in half light. It must look so odd, but I carry on, as this is what we do - indeed it is our Ways Of Working - we call it our WOW factor.

The down side of travelling at night time, is that I also need to make sure that I get enough sleep, which I do during the days at different times. This takes me back to when I was young growing up in the family home, when my father would often have a nap just after lunch - I am sure he was then younger than I am now.

Who would believe that I am now the one taking those all important naps in the middle of the day. I find that if I only catch an hour of shut eye during the day, it is enough to revitalise me for the next journey. Obviously, the amount of day time sleep I need, depends upon the activity of the night before or indeed the night to come, as I   may take advantage of sleep before a night time job where necessary.

This is something my family is very hot on, ensuring I get the sleep I must have in order to be safe on night time driving.

Keep safe on the roads folks!