Typical Airport Transfer Service we provide

Call us to see how we can assist your travel arrangements on 07850 100859

  1. 1 or 2 days before we am due to collect you from the airport, we SMS you to confirm we will be there
  2. On the day, we monitor your flight and park up just as your plane is due to land, allowing for early arrivals!
  3. We can supply a child seat (up to 4 years) upon request
  4. Once your plane is at ‘landed’ status on the notice board in Arrivals, we SMS your next of kin (where disclosed) to confirm the plane is landed. This gives you and your chosen contact peace of mind
  5. Once you have landed, we SMS you to confirm we are in Arrivals and will be there for you
  6. By SMS, we check if you would like a hot or cold drink when you come out of Arrivals and have that ready for you 
  7. On greeting, we meet you with your name on our iPad, hot drink of your choice and assist with your luggage
  8. If raining we will have a large Jaguar umbrella to ensure you stay dry when we go to the clean and tidy Jaguar XFS
  9. We get the door(s) for you and once you are seated, we then load your luggage into the boot
  10. We offer you cooled bottled mineral water for the journey and a snack bar. Mints and tissues are available for you as well as a pouch of essential supplies which you may take away with you
  11. In car services include the above as well as quality magazines, daily newspaper of your choice and a USB point to charge your mobile
  12. The air conditioning is adjusted to your comfort, the radio is either on of off depending on your choice. We even offer to link up your device to the premium in car music system if you require
  13. We only engage in conversation when you want to, allowing you to have ‘your’ time to relax and prepare for the next meeting or just to chill or recover from the visit you have just come from
  14. We drive to maximise your comfort and safety, looking ahead to avoid where possible, sharp braking and cornering. We steadily increase acceleration to the speed limit when safe ensuring the car is stable
  15. Our phones are on divert so we do not receive calls with you in the car so as to reduce the risk of any interruptions to ‘your’ time. We also, do not make calls
  16. We stop for any comfort breaks you need and provide hot or cold drinks should you require this from the services
  17. Before exiting, we accept payment of the pre-agreed amount by any major debit/credit card using my mobile Worldpay card machine. We do not charge extra for this or any of the above or any delays
  18. On arrival at your destination, we open your door, assist with your luggage and escort you to the building with an umbrella if it is raining

Call us to see how we can assist your travel arrangements on 07850 100859

Although the above describes a typical pick up from an airport, the same standard is offered for any request for our Executive Travel services. We treat every client as a VIP and I dress to a high standard in a smart 3 piece suit with tie and chauffeur's cap! We believe you deserve the respect and should be honoured in this way.

Recommended Arrival Times at Airports for Departures:

It is recommended that you arrive at an airport ready to enter Security, with at least the following hours before you are due to depart:

  • 1.5 hours - Inland UK & Ireland
  • 2 hours - Europe
  • 3 hours - Long haul and El-Al

So, when we agree a pick up time we will check the route and confirm that the time requested will allow sufficient travelling time to ensure the above requirements are met.