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After years working in finance and IT, Dave Barnes craved a change of career. Or rather, to go back to his roots. His father and uncle had a car garage business in the small villages of Dauntsey Lock and Lyneham; cars had been, and still are, a family passion.


As they are licensed for ‘executive travel’, they can offer more than just the ‘Wedding Transport’. If you book the ‘Evening Transport’ and ‘Honeymoon Transfer’, you will receive a 25% discount on those extra journeys.

All the prices quoted below are a minimum cost.

Wedding Packages

Wedding Transport: the journey/s to the church and/or reception

Evening Transport: the journey to the overnight accommodation

Honeymoon Transfer: the journey to the honeymoon location (hotel, airport etc) and/or the return journey

Get in touch for a personalised quote, they will respond to all quote requests within 24 hours.

Jaguar S Type - Frost Blue

Jaguar XFS - Rhodium Silver

The silver Jaguar XFS is also licensed for proms. Click here to read more about DB Executive Travel.

What's included in the each package?

  • Fully uniformed chauffeurs, including cap

  • Choice of 42 different colour ribbons & bows

  • White or cream floral display for back parcel shelf

  • Bottled water, snack bars, mints, tissues, mirror are all available in the cars

  • Clear umbrellas are available in bad weather

  • Multiple journeys if the locations are close; get in touch to find out more


What you can expect after getting in touch

After your first enquiry, either by phone or email, you will be given a quote within 24 hours. To secure the date they require 50% of the price as a booking fee (if the wedding is within 1 month, booking fee is 100% of the price). When they have received the booking fee you will be sent an invoice and also a draft 'booking form'. They complete this form to make certain that they know exactly what you require from them and also to minimise the risk of misunderstandings. 

One month before the wedding they will get in touch to remind you that the final payment is due and also to check all the details are still correct. In the week before the wedding your chauffeur carries out a 'test run' to ensure he is aware of any potential hold ups and so he knows the route.

On the big day itself the chauffeur will leave their base in Royal Wootton Bassett and travel to a location within a couple miles of where you are. He will clean the car to pristine conditions using 'detailing spray' and check the bows and ribbons. You can expect your wedding car to arrive approximately 15 minutes before you need to leave. Your chauffeur will make sure you know he has arrived, and then wait patiently with the car. During the hot weather the car is kept cool and during cold weather it is kept warm. When you are ready to leave, whether that is earlier or later than the agreed time, your chauffeur will be ready. 

You will be driven in a calm, professional manner and all conversations that happen in the car are kept strictly confidential. Once at your destination, your chauffeur will check the car is clean before opening your doors for you, making sure your dress/clothing stays clean. 

In the week after the wedding, Hannah will get in touch to check everything went according to your plan and to ask for permission to use any photos. She will also ask if you would like to leave them a Google or Facebook review.

Destination Weddings


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