A typical journey with DB Executive Travel

Jaguar XFS

 A couple of days before your journey, you will receive an SMS from your chauffeur to confirm your travel arrangements.

On the day of travel, your chauffeur will aim to arrive 15 minutes before he is required, let you know he is there and then wait patiently. Your chauffeur will load your bags for you when you are ready.

Before setting off you will be offered chilled bottled water, a snack bar and given an update on your flight time (if applicable). Also in the car are quality magazines, a daily newspaper of your choice and a USB point and cable to charge your mobile. The air conditioning is adjusted to your comfort, the radio is either on or off depending on your preference and you can link up your device to the in car music system if you would like.

Interior of the Jaguar XFS

You will be driven smoothly, guaranteeing your safety and comfort. Your chauffeur will be looking ahead to avoid sharp braking and cornering. If you require a 'comfort break', this will be happily accommodated.

Payment is either done before the day or can be done in the car using a card machine. On arrival at your destination, your door will be opened for you, your chauffeur will assist with your luggage and escort you to the building, with an umbrella if it is raining.

Airport collection

Jaguar XFS

On the day of your travel, your chauffeur will be monitoring your flight to guarantee he will be there to meet you. Once your plane has landed, your chauffeur will SMS your next of kin (where disclosed) to let them know of your safe return and also SMS you to confirm he is in arrivals and to ask for your preference of a hot or cold drink. You will be met by a smartly dressed chauffeur (including a cap) holding an iPad with your name, ready to assist you with your luggage. The car will be in pristine condition, inside and out. Your chauffeur will load your luggage for you and then drive you to your pre-agreed location.

Jaguar XFS

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