After years working in finance and IT, Dave Barnes craved a change of career. Or rather, to go back to his roots. His father and uncle had a car garage business in the small villages of Dauntsey Lock and Lyneham; cars had been, and still are, a family passion.

Dave & Hannah

Over the years he had used his Jaguar cars (XFS & S Type) for many family and friend's weddings. Seeing an opportunity to start his own wedding car business with the help of his wife Sonia and youngest daughter Hannah, he grasped it with both hands. For the first 6 months of the new business he had to balance working full time for an international company and also starting DB Wedding Cars. Friends and family helped spread the word, and 3 friends - Terry, David and Steve - all agreed to be 'back up' chauffeurs. All four chauffeurs have had training with IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists), making sure that all of them are safe, competent drivers. Sonia and Hannah put their skills of floristry and craft to good use; Sonia made all the floral displays for the cars and Hannah taught herself how to make the bows. 

In January 2017 Dave was made redundant from his job of 15 years. For some this would have been a major blow, but for their family, they made it an opportunity. Spring 2017 saw the beginning of DB Executive Travel (click here to read more about that). Dave, Sonia and Hannah all worked hard to make their family business a success. That year they ended up having 3 times as many weddings than anyone expected them to have. As Executive Travel picked up even more in 2018 and Dave had less time on his hands, Hannah took over the running of DB Wedding Cars. 

They have loved creating this successful business and are thrilled to be taking bookings a couple of years ahead!