Very Happy Christmas to you all!

During this past week, our family along with millions of others has been trying to complete the final preparations ready for next week as Christmas approaches. It is a very special time indeed and whether you personally celebrate Christmas or not, we would like to wish all our clients and followers a very happy Christmas time and a great New Year!

Happy Christmas to you all!

Happy Christmas to you all!

It is true that the 3 of us have gone down with the common cough and cold, so this has ensured we have spent most of the time this week in our home.

From the business prospective, it has been a valuable time of reviewing the past year and planning for 2018. Time to reflect - what has gone well and where we need to improve.

Generally, we have been immensely encouraged especially from the massive number of meaningful connections particularly on LinkedIn and the 21 5* google reviews that have been sent to us, in addition to the many reviews sent directly by email. 

If you are not yet connected on LinkedIn, do connect and benefit from our regular posts and also from being able to connect to our followers too and expand your own network.

LinkedIn Profile view

LinkedIn Profile view

To give you an idea, my connections on LinkedIn have grown from around 600 in July to the current level of nearly 5,500 meaningful connections! This is amazing growth in networking and I must give a shout out to Jill Chitty who has helped me in doing this. I can recommend her to anyone wanting to generate an increase in leads on LinkedIn.

Special thanks goes of course, to each one of you who have been willing to watch and connect as our story develops. 

Very special thanks to those of you who have entrusted us for their transport needs either already in 2017 and for the many who have made commitments to use us in 2018!

2017 has seen us provide wedding transport to 19 happy couples and achieve 45 executive travel runs, which has included transport to airports, events and special occasions.

We look forward to 2018 with great expectation as we move this 'start-up' business into a strong brand that will continue into the future providing high quality, reliable and personable executive transport to all - regardless of status. 

We are also so pleased to have been shortlisted for the Whitewed Directory Start Up Business of the Year 2017, and are looking forward to the awards ceremony in February!

DBWC Shortlist Logo

Finally, I look forward to seeing more of you in the future and wish you a very fine family and/or rest time over the coming weeks. 

Thank you for your support