Day in the Life of a Chauffeur

Being a professional chauffeur means that most days are completely different. This keeps an excitement to the role and also keeps me on my toes, as I have the opportunity to meet many different people.

I thought I would write a short blog on the typical (or is there one?) day of a chauffeur.

Today started at 00:30, yes half past midnight. That is when my alarm went off and after getting ready I was out of the door at 01:45 on my way to the Grange City Hotel to pick up my clients, who needed transport to London Heathrow. I was required to collect them at 06:00, so why, do I hear you ask did I leave so early?

To answer, let me say what happened. On the journey I stopped at the last services before London, Heston, on the M4 to have a much needed coffee and short break before I arrived in Central London.

The services were empty except for one other customer in Costa and the barista. It was good to relax and once again, check the flight number and see that it was still on schedule. This is the first piece of information I give my client after I greet them.

I then set off again and made my way to a carpark near the clients hotel, where I arrived at around 04:30. This, is to wipe the car down with waterless wax detailing spray - the same product that I have described in earlier blogs when talking about detailing.

Jaguar XFS.jpg

This means the whole exterior of the car is cleaned and waxed, including the wheels and inside the doors. It is important that my clients receive an immaculate vehicle as I give every client the VIP treatment, every time.

Then, time for a short walk and to catch a few night time photographs around the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and The Shard.

Tower of London

Time came for me to arrive at the hotel, when I parked just outside at around 05:30. There were other drivers waiting their clients. I am getting used to being the only chauffeur who wears a 3 piece suit and the chauffeurs cap - it is quite interesting some of the responses I get, especially in Arrivals at airports - subject to another blog some time. I believe it adds to the occasion for my clients and treats them with the respect they deserve.

My client came outside and I was able to greet them on time. Arriving in the area early makes sure that any hold ups like traffic or otherwise, can be adjusted for making sure I arrive on time.

After loading their suitcases we left for LHR. After setting off, I checked with my clients if the air con was set for their comfort and that the person sat behind me had enough leg room. I offered them cooled bottled water, along with the snack bars, and reminding them of the mints and tissues in the door pockets.

On board are the quality magazines, but on this occasion, no daily newspaper as we travelling before they were able to be purchased.

Traffic through London around 06:00 was not too much trouble and we arrived at the airport around 06:45, in good time for their flight.

Having delivered them safely to the airport, I then headed back a further 71 miles back to our base, with a detour at the next services Reading, to have my sandwiches that my wife prepared with another fresh Costa.

Then home, and once I took Clover our German Shepherd dog out for a walk, I went to bed to catch some sleep.

Tomorrow I am up early again, but this time for a networking breakfast - it is important to keep building contacts when a family business is in start-up mode.