Delayed for a Honeymoon!

Some of the airport transfers I do for clients are to take them on the first leg of their journey to their honeymoon having just got married.

It just so happened that recently, I took a couple to Gatwick the night before they were flying. They stayed at the Hilton, South Terminal.

This reminded me of the time nearly 36 years ago, when after our wedding that same evening, we too were taken to Gatwick to stay at the Hilton ready for our flight the morning after.

First of all though, we travelled a short distance to my parents in law’s house, where my wife and I were waiting for my brother who kindly agreed to drive us to Gatwick.

So, after we had made a grand departure from our wedding reception, complete with tin cars trailing behind our car (it was allowed back in 1981!), we arrived at Sonie’s parents house.

We waited just a few moments for my brother whilst having a cup of tea. He arrived and we prepared to leave with him, loading up our suitcases into his boot, complete with our passports and wallet and all that we needed to travel overseas.

Adrian my brother, shut the boot of his Ford Cortina (library photo - not the actual car), and that is when we had a problem!

Ford Cortina

The key was in the boot lock and as the boot was closed, it snapped in half. The ‘other’ half dropped into the lock mechanism, and the boot was secure!

We tried fruitlessly to get the boot open and even the back seats in those days did not fold back, so we couldn’t get access any way to our luggage.

There was only one option, so Adrian called the AA, who came out later that evening to assist.

While we waited, we spent much more time that evening on our wedding day at my in-laws that we have planned. My parents arrived and so along with my brother, I guess we had a post wedding party, opening several wedding cards and gifts.

It was a pleasant evening, but really, we would much rather have been on our way to the hotel.

Eventually the AA arrived and after a while, we were on our way.

Once we arrived at Hilton, Gatwick, we were too late to order a meal, so we had to make do with a few sandwiches.

The next morning, we were up early for some breakfast which we enjoyed. It was then that we realised that we had missed the bus transfer to the terminal itself.

I had to order a taxi which arrived eventually, and we were soon preparing for our flight.


So, even in those early days I experienced taxi service, and to be honest, I do not actually remember what that experience was like.

My brother though, was brilliant - he never lost his cool, and drove us safely.