Legal & Reliable, 100% Guaranteed - How?

We guarantee your travel with us is safe and comfortable, guaranteeing we are legal and reliable - we do the waiting so our clients do not!

This is the third and final in a mini series about our guarantees - we guarantee that we are legal and reliable, so what’s included in this?

Let’s talk about being legal first and in what ways our executive chauffeur service stays within the law.

Yes, this really is what we aim to do, which not only applies to the way we deliver a drive as well as the way we operate the business. 


License plate

Licensing and Insurance 

We naturally have the relevant licenses for providing vehicle hire which includes an operating license for the business, private vehicle hire license for the car and finally the private hire driver’s license for the executive chauffeurs.

Without any of these licenses that are issued by Wiltshire Council, we are unable to provide our executive chauffeur services for airports, events or special occasions whether for business or pleasure. Thankfully we have an exception certificate meaning that we do not need to have these signs displayed on our vehicle, and neither do I need to have my personal licenses on display. We do however, have to have these available should we be asked to present them any time.

Each of the licenses must be renewed regularly meaning that the necessary tests have to be undergone.

Our licensed Jaguar XFS must have an MOT every 6 months to remain licensed and any damage done to the car is required to be repaired without delay.

Of course, we have all the relevant insurances, including the household upgrade to enable us to welcome clients into our home office when necessary. This is sometimes required when wedding couples or those looking to hire us for proms, want to meet us and the cars in advance.

Driving legally 

Our aim is to build the business with strong ethics and integrity based upon our core values. So naturally, we ensure all our chauffeurs, whether for our wedding car service or for our executive travel service, operate within the law and adhere to UK driving laws.

Speed Limits 

This includes the way we drive to the speed limit when it is safe to do so, and we aim to make sure we do not exceed that limit. Quite simply, this gives our clients peace of mind and helps to provide a stress free journey, helped by also keeping an appropriate distance form the vehicles in front.

Mobiles & Smoking

Continually, even these days, I see other providers on their mobile phones whilst driving with or without a passenger onboard. All our chauffeurs have their phones on silent, out of sight and disconnected from the car, so they are not used in any way while clients are onboard.

Jaguar XFS Interior

In addition, I notice other drivers smoking inside their licensed vehicle, albeit with the window down and without a passenger. For a licensed car, smoking in the car is illegal.

We provide our executive chauffeur and wedding car chauffeur services that stay within the law in every way, which provides our clients with comfortable travel knowing that we are not distracted by phone calls. Our drivers do not smoke anywhere near our cars which means that all our passengers can travel without feeling uncomfortable.

Staying alert

It has been said to me by other people, although thankfully this has not been my experience, that they have travelled with other providers who were struggling to stay awake when driving at night. Whilst I feel for both the drivers and their passengers under these circumstances, our pledge and guarantee for our clients includes that we drive safely, which means that our drivers must be ‘fit to drive’.

When we take on bookings, we consider the travel that is already booked with the same chauffeur and ensure in advance, that enough rest time is allowed before we take on the booking.

Highway Code & Qualifications

Each of our chauffeurs have a strong knowledge of the UK Highway Code and the minimum requirement for being a chauffeur for us, is that they must be qualified advanced drivers with IAM RoadSmart.

For our licensed travel service, our executive chauffeurs must also have been qualified at Master level with IAM RoadSmart


So, how is this achieved with our executive chauffeur and wedding car service?

Jaguar XFS in a car park

Contingency time

When we plan our route and timing to arrive for a client wherever they are, we allow time to clean and wax the car before we greet them. For airports, we plan to arrive and park before the plane has landed, knowing the client needs to go through security and often baggage reclaim. This gives us contingency timing just in case.

Chauffeur driving S Type

Trial Drives

For weddings the assigned chauffeur will conduct a trial drive of the route that is planned the week before the wedding. This gives us a good feel for the timing and ensures that we are fully aware of the various locations where we are picking up people and taking them.

For weddings, we also travel to what we have defined, as the previously identified ‘pre-location’ site, which allows the chauffeur to fully detail wax the car within a short distance from the first pick up point.

Our guarantees do not include an immaculately waxed Jaguar, although that is always our aim, so if traffic delays happen, then this is the time that is used up, instead of being late for our clients.

Executive Travel text from a chauffeur

SMS Messages

An essential part of our planning, are the SMS messages we send around 2 days prior to meeting our clients for executive travel. These messages allow us to confirm the details of where we are picking them up from and taking them, including any flight information. This gives peace of mind to our clients so they know they have not been forgotten.

Text from an Executive Travel Chauffeur

Also when we are at the Airport Arrivals, they receive another SMS from us, saying we are there for them along with an offer of hot drinks.

Our whole service is about providing stress free travel and peace of mind. There are many other aspects to our full service which we would be only too pleased to discuss with anyone who would like to contact us.

Executive Travel: or call 07850 100859

Wedding Cars: or call 07548 931339