'Day Off or Not!'

Earlier this week, I was due to have a networking day. Typically they are a Wednesday which this week started again at 04:15 when I woke on the alarm, took Clover our GSD out for a walk, before getting ready for a BNI networking meeting at Swindon which starts at 06:45. At these meetings it is an opportunity to net work with in excess of 35 local business leaders plus any visitors who have become like colleagues and friends.


After the actual meeting I also had the opportunity in having a 121 meeting with one of the members. After the meeting once back at our Royal Wootton Bassett base, I dealt with a few emails and then went to a 4Networking lunchtime meeting at Chippenham starting at 12:00, but being one of the leaders I needed to get there by 11am. All going well so far.

Then, I had a phone call, before the 4N meeting actually started from an existing client, asking can I pick up his colleague from Swindon at 14:00 to take to LHR T5? Naturally, I responded yet I’ll be there. Question I had to consider is this - Client's needs or networking? Yes, its a no brainer - I gave my apologies and planned to leave for our base.

Thankfully I just had enough time to grab a bite to eat while talking to various people at the 4N meeting, and then had to leave while the meeting continued until 14:00 at Chippenham.

Once back at our base I just had enough time for a quick change of clothes, grab some supplies for my client and then off to Swindon. Thankfully he car wasn’t too dirty, even though it was not as clean as I usually like - the priority this time was the deadline for the ‘last minute.com' for my client! 

The deadline was to get the client to T5 before 15:30. In spite of traffic delays caused by an accident on the M4 with am ambulance weaving through the traffic, we arrived at 15:25 and within all legal road limits.

Heathrow Terminal 5

Objective served and client was happy and relaxed.

This is an example that under extreme circumstances we are always seeking ways to help our clients out even when the notice is short.

On the way back I managed to squeeze in another meeting at Reading to discuss strategy  ]before heading back home.

That evening - it was time to wind down with another GSD walk before getting some shut eye.