Typical Admin Day

Having mentioned about what started off as a ‘network meeting’ day last week, I thought I would give an insight into what I do during a working day when not attending network meetings or when I am not sat behind my steering wheel for executive travel or wedding car duty.

Thankfully, the days vary quite a bit, but there is a pattern which goes something like this:

Having already walked the dog and had breakfast, I start the day with cup of tea and do some social media posts which includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - I have found for over a year now, it is good to keep our presence on these platforms showing many different types of photographs, usually of the cars on jobs. 

With a good coffee, I’ll then catch up on LinkedIn posts responding back to any inquiries, welcoming new connections and inviting others to connect, thanking for ‘likes’ and ‘profile views’ and responding back on comments made on any of my posts. It is so important to be active on LinkedIn in a way that is personable and shows that I am a real person. I also view what has landed on my wall and like/comment on those that catch my eye. 

During the rest of the morning depending on the weather, I might be cleaning the car(s) from the day/night before, so that they are ready for the next job.

Lunchtime consists of food of course, but also involves taking our dog for another walk. Midday’ish, another post on the 3 social media sites mentioned above.

Lunchtime walk

In the afternoon, I often use that time to catch up on our accounts, emails, or as now, writing a blog, or crafting another post on LinkedIn. 

I am also on the lookout for companies within a local area to our base, where I might be able to develop a relationship that could lead to more business.

The services we provide, can be a genuine help to businesses where, as my LinkedIn profile says, they can receive real benefit from using us.

Of course, all the timing of the above is flexible because I am often with a client on a journey any time day or night or indeed any day. 

As we are running our own business, I have to wear many business hats, and this afternoon, I received a call from a compliance SME who was following up a previous discussion we had, working through our business compliance with regards to the oncoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline on 25th May 2018.

Even though we are currently a small family business, we still need to comply and so does every business, no matter how large or small they are.

If you are reading this and are not aware of GDPR, then I urge you to get in touch and I can fully recommend someone who can help. The deadline will come and ignorance will not be a defence.