Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!

Occasionally, I receive a job that takes me to the coast. A chance to breathe in the wonderfully clean fresh air.

Few weeks ago, that happened again and it was the return journey from Heathrow to Brighton. The plane landed at 06:40 and my clients came through into the Arrivals lounge an hour or so afterwards, and were greeted by coffees which seemed to go down well.

That morning for me started at 04:15 when I left our base and started towards Heathrow, arriving about 06:15. I checked the landing board and the plane was just going to be a few minutes late, so not much different from what I discovered earlier before I left Royal Wootton Bassett. Time enough for me to clean the car with the detailing wax spray.

We were soon on our way out of the airport complex and onto the M25. The usual heavy traffic faced us and we eventually continued down South passing Gatwick on the way.

After being up a long time before, as indeed my clients had, I have to say, I was looking forward to a rest by the sea, before heading back to our base.

I managed to deliver the client to his home by 10am, so I headed off to a place for a coffee and sea view. I found one and was just taking in the fresh air and then the phone rang. 

Jaguar XFS seaview

I received some instructions to get back to our base for the next job, so, no extended rest break before heading back. It is a good job I enjoy my job and have a superbly comfortable big cat to do the journeys in. 

When I do not have a client on board, it is also very nice to spoil myself and listen to some music and the DAB radio. It is also, a time for my own space and I value the times of quiet and silence as I can focus and plan the way the family business is growing.

These times of solitude are so important and I find it helps to clear my head.

It makes me thankful for all the blessings we have in life, very aware of others who are not so blessed.