Have you ever lost a significant and expensive item?

Well, this week’s blog is about the time when I was collecting some clients from Heathrow Terminal 5. 

All was going so well and following my SMS to my clients they ordered from me their preferred coffee choice, I queued up at the Cafe Nero in Arrivals and sent another SMS to them saying I was in the coffee queue.

Although my back was turned, I was unaware that they had just come through Arrivals and as I turned, there they were - they had no difficulty finding me as once again, I was the only one wearing a chauffeurs cap.

They were pleased to see me and I was able to present them with their coffees.

Heathrow Luggage trolley

We proceeded towards the lifts and after I paid for the parking, we walked the short distance to the car, with me pushing one luggage trolly and they had the other one. All going so well.

I opened the doors for them, and then loaded the luggage into the car. We were soon on the way back.

Heathrow Car Park

They were getting comfortable in the back of my car, and I progressed through the terminal and safely negotiated the airport traffic - this can be quite a challenge for those not used to it.

Onto the M4 we went and then, it struck me……………….

My iPad. Oh no, I left it on the luggage trolley. It was then that I felt really uncomfortable, as I already knew my clients needed to be back at their place for a meeting that afternoon, and besides that, I was never going to let them know what I had just done - the level of service and our branding is after all, stress free for our clients. All I wanted to do, was get off the M4 on the next junction and go back and pick my iPad up - after all I knew exactly where I left it. All I could do was pray like mad that it was safe.

We continued on the M4 for the 90 mile journey until my clients were safely delivered to their home, totally unaware of what was going on in my mind.

Next stop for me was LHR T5, again!

Keeping to the speed limits, I got there in good time and managed to park in exactly the same place as I was earlier, but there was no iPad to be seen. Not happy!

Next stop, Lost Property. Their response was to record the details on a form and face the reality that it was most probably stolen. 

Heathrow Lost Property

I went back home with what it felt like, my tail between my legs. That was Thursday.

Saturday morning, I still had heard nothing from Heathrow, and I said to my family, that I am going to get another iPad and cut my losses. It was then that my daughter Hannah, suggested I call Heathrow, so I did, expecting the worse.

To my utter astonishment, they were asking questions like, ‘what picture is on the front?’ When I said my silver Jaguar, they then asked the model number and after I told them, they then confirmed that they had my iPad!

The relief and surprise was tangible. Overjoyed and I went back to Heathrow that afternoon.

After negotiating my way to Lost Property, I was reunited with my iPad and I can honestly say thank God, and the Heathrow staff who found it and went through their procedures to log it correctly.

Lesson learnt - or I just hope I have!