From Proms to Sally Army!

As well as exhibiting at some wedding shows, we have been exhibiting at School Prom Shows and I would like to tell you about a very long day at the McArthur Glen Outlet Centre, Swindon when we joined with Prom Day and many other exhibitors.

The day was earlier in February 2018, and was a very cold day indeed.

The position we were given to display our licensed silver Jaguar XFS was just outside the main north entrance to the centre along with KevsKampers, who provide self drive camper vans for both weddings and self drive hire holidays.

One of the great things about these shows is that even though, they and us were both looking to find clients for school proms, there is always a great deal of respect for each other and a willing spirit to help each other.

I was very pleased that I had my travel mug of coffee full, but that soon went down, and this was not missed by Kevin and his team who were very quick to offer me a fresh coffee from their camper van - how kind!

We arrived at the centre at 8am along with others, to ensure we were all set up ready for when the public arrived around 10am. We were not due to leave until after 6pm, so a long day ahead of us.

In addition, we had a table in the main display area inside where our slide presentation was on a loop[ displaying the whole time. The table was manned by 2 of our reserve wedding car chauffeurs swopping over after midday.

Table Display

Our stand was also shared with Kate Southall from KE Southall Photography who went around the show during the day taking provisional photographs of the events during the day, whom we can fully recommend!

So, now to a few of the funny stories that happened during the day - never a dull moment.

Meeting the public of all ages and backgrounds is usually quite eventful. 

Bearing in mind how cold the day was, I was dressed in my full chauffeur suit along with my cap and overcoat, prepared for the temperature. At one particular moment I was holding my travel coffee mug and handing out leaflets and business cards, catching people’s attention, when a gentleman came over to me, placed a pound coin on top of my mug saying ‘Oh I thought you were the Salvation Army’, and then very quickly took the coin away.

I’m not sure what he thought about the Salvation Army going up market with an executive Jaguar by the side of me!

On another occasion, some older teenage lads came over to me and asked whether I also took escorts in my car. I played it cool and asked him what he meant. He was fumbling around trying to work out what to say when his mate said that he meant prostitutes, to which I replied ‘I don’t think so’

His response then was, ‘Why are you dressed like an undertaker?’, to which I replied ‘because its cold out here all day!’

At that time, I also had my black fleece on under my jacket as well as my black overcoat on top.

I guess a full chauffeurs uniform can look very similar to a funeral director, especially when I wear a black tie!